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We deliver qualitative and quantitative research projects


We deliver qualitative and quantitative research projects to support clients’ communications strategies through Field Research


Our Work


Our in-house research offering builds on our existing expertise, rooting our strategic thinking in evidence-based insight. Using research, we can understand the key drivers and behaviours of target audiences shaping the political and policy landscape. In doing so, we ensure that communications and public affairs strategies consider stakeholder, voter or consumer opinions. From survey design to presenting comprehensive reports, our in-house researchers can deliver research projects from end-to-end.

Recent Field Research projects include: 

  • A qualitative and quantitative research project to better understand how to frame the benefits of carbon capture, utilisation and storage to UK voters.

  • A qualitative report into residents’ perceptions of HS2 in Leeds, and the impact of delays and cancellations to the project.

  • A qualitative reputation audit for a major Build-to-Rent developer, looking at external perceptions of the sector.

  • A research report into changing attitudes of voters in the Blue Wall (traditionally Conservative seats in South East England) towards Keir Starmer. Focus groups were held in six Blue Wall constituencies, and the findings were presented at an event with a panel including Labour commentator Ayesha Hazarika and Spectator journalist James Heale.

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