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Field Consulting has supported the UK’s leading accident prevention charity RoSPA on a campaign to make stairs safer in homes. Falling on the stairs is an underappreciated killer, claiming the lives of 700 people every year. For every 1 death in the home caused by a fire, 235 are caused by a fall. We worked with RoSPA to lobby the Government to enshrine the existing industry standard for stair design, which is associated with a 60% reduction in falls, into law.


Our Work


Field decided to use the Government’s Building Safety Bill as a vehicle to change the law on stairs. While the Bill was brought in primarily as a response to the Grenfell Tower Fire, its remit included building safety in general, and therefore we were able to submit an amendment to enshrine safer stairs into law.

Working with RoSPA, Field lobbied on this issue throughout the lifespan of the Bill, building a cross party base of MPs in the Commons, spearheaded by Conservative MP Paul Maynard. When the amendment was not passed in the Commons we switched our campaign to the Lords, briefing Peers of all Parties, particularly those in positions of influence, or those who had personal interests in the themes of the campaign.

Our work included speech writing, briefings, messaging, and ongoing strategic counsel, as we helped RoSPA navigate the Bill.

The issue snowballed in the Lords, and amidst rising pressure, the Building Safety Minister recognised that the Government were facing a rebellion on the matter, and came to the table.

The Government agreed to enshrine safe stairs into law, inserting the most up to date industry standard into Building Regulations. This is subject to an industry review which is currently ongoing. In 2022, Field Consulting and RoSPA won the prestigious PRCA award for Best In-House Consultancy Collaboration for the Safer Stairs Campaign.

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