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14 Jun 2024

2024 General Election manifesto analysis

Our latest report looks at the key 2024 General Election pledges from the two major parties.

14 Jun 2024

Manifesto Watch – Labour

The Labour leader unveiled the manifesto we have all been waiting for and the one that, if polls translate to results on 4th July, will be the foundation of the next Government.

12 Jun 2024

Manifesto Watch – The Conservatives

It’s lights out and away we go! Rishi Sunak took centre stage at the home of the British Grand Prix yesterday to launch the Conservatives 2024 manifesto.

11 Jun 2024

The Class of 2024

With the General Election campaign now underway, the team at Field have pulled together our “Class of 2024” Parliamentary candidates to watch report.

10 Jun 2024

Manifesto Watch – Liberal Democrats

It’s manifesto week and the Liberal Democrats have taken centre stage today, unveiling their vision for the UK’s future with a 117-page document brimming with promises and proposals aimed at tackling the nation’s issues head-on.

7 Jun 2024

D-Day for Sunak?

Feel for Penny Mordaunt this afternoon. The Commons Leader – and Tory leadership hopeful – is making her first major intervention in the campaign tonight. Unfortunately for Mordaunt, Rishi Sunak has left her an almighty mess to clean up.

5 Jun 2024

Nothing has changed

If Monday was Rishi Sunak’s darkest hour, then Tuesday didn’t get much brighter for the Tories. Nigel Farage dominated coverage all day ahead of the first TV debate.

3 Jun 2024

The phoney war is over. Let the battle commence

As the election battle heats up, we take stock of what's happened so far and what to expect in debate week.

31 May 2024

As Labour infighting grows, Starmer needs to take control

Labour faces its first election crisis – and what’s important now is how it is handled.

29 May 2024

One Week In - A Tale of Two Campaigns

One week into the 2024 general election campaign the contrast between Labour and the Conservatives couldn't be more distinct.

24 May 2024

And we're off

The Field team dives into the chaos of a snap election, capturing the immediate aftermath and what lies ahead.

17 May 2024

Things can only get better… for Starmer

Following Thursday's launch of Labour's 'First steps for change', is Keir Starmer walking in the footsteps of Tony Blair?

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