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12 Jul 2024

Westminster Returns

Seven days on and the General Election already feels a lifetime ago.

5 Jul 2024

General Election 2024 Results Bulletin

It is now confirmed that the Labour Party will form a majority government following their landslide victory on July 4th. Our General Election Results Bulletin takes you through all the key takeaways from a hugely important evening in British politics.

3 Jul 2024

So, who won?

The Field Team have rounded up the best (and worst) moments from the 2024 campaign... What do you think?

1 Jul 2024

Print Wars - Papers Pick Their Prime Minister

With just three days to go, most newspapers have made their political endorsements, signalling who they believe should occupy Downing Street after this week’s General Election...

28 Jun 2024

All Night Long

If the MRP poll from YouGov is to be believed, Sir Keir Starmer will be elected Prime Minister on the 4th July with a majority of 223 seats. But how will the result unfold once polls close?

26 Jun 2024

All Quiet on the Election Front

As the General Election canters into the final week, political apathy appears to have gripped the nation

24 Jun 2024

No Fun in the Sun

Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer will undergo their latest election grilling tonight as they face questions from Sun readers via YouTube.

21 Jun 2024

Stop The Bets

When Rishi Sunak called for a surprise General Election, he likely hoped the element of surprise would work in his favour. With less than two weeks to go, the odds seem increasingly against him.

19 Jun 2024

Something in this election isn’t adding up

This General Election has been unusual in that we’re seeing Labour attempt to occupy the ground the Conservatives once firmly owned: financial prudence.

17 Jun 2024

Implications of a Labour landslide

Recent polls suggest Keir Starmer is set to romp home with a landslide victory, but what is the impact on a ruling Labour government if he does not?

14 Jun 2024

2024 General Election manifesto analysis

Our latest report looks at the key 2024 General Election pledges from the two major parties.

14 Jun 2024

Manifesto Watch – Labour

The Labour leader unveiled the manifesto we have all been waiting for and the one that, if polls translate to results on 4th July, will be the foundation of the next Government.

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